Deck Mats
Photo credit: Justin Ratcliffe
Welcome to, the No.1 supplier of dock mats and protective floor coverings to the yachting industry. With over 20 years of experience of the yachting industry, we know exactly how important it is to protect all the surface areas on a yacht. Only a small amount of dirt can cause significant damage and we want to help you to stop that. Our products can be personalised to include the name and logo of your vessel and create the right impact for visitors. Although our mats are available in standard sizes, we can produce almost any combination of shape and size to suit your requirements.

Reflecting feedback from crews and owners, we are able to offer new products such as the white rubber backing to mats, which offers not only a stylish alternative to traditional black but protects against colour contamination.

Creating the right impression when you are about to board a yacht is not just about having the right dock mat, it is also about practicality. We can supply personalised chairs and baskets to offer guests and crew a comfortable way to deal with shoes and other paraphernalia.