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Water horse ®:

Water horse is a heavy-duty, crush-proof containment mat
designed to remove dirt, grit and water from passing shoes for both indoor and outdoor use. The special containment borders trap contaminants allowing for easy removal and disposal. With the capacity to hold up to 4.5 litres of water per square meter, this mat is especially suitable in places where liquid spillages are frequent or hazardous or there is a specific requirement to contain liquid. Whether under the work bench in the engine room, or in the dive locker, it will keep fluids where you want them.

Water Horse Cross Section


Looped pile polypropylene
Containment border
Crush-proof waffle design
5 standard sizes:
85 x 60 cms
85 x 120 cms
85 x 150 cms
115 x 175 cms
115 x 240 cms
Anti-slip Nitrile rubber
Indoor and outdoor use
2 year guarantee against defects
5 colour choices
Sample KW001  Sample KW001  Sample KW001  Sample KW001  Sample KW001
WH001   WH002   WH003   WH004   WH005
Red   Blue   Brown   Grey   Black